River Wild!

What a wonderful and windy trip we had today exploring the rivers and lakes at Testwood Lakes! Sketching, pond dipping, map reading, recycling, experiencing the water cycle! Well done for some great participation and thoughtful questions!



Last week we had a look at the text from the opening scene of our new book for the half term. We used the clues to put together an image of what we thought the scene might look like. Have a look at our incredible ideas!


We are just coming to a musical term of playing the clarinet. This is our last rehearsal before our concert next Monday morning at 10.30am! We’d love you to make it if you can!¬†IMG_0333

Iron Man Collage

Our work on the Iron Man inspired us for some art! We saw how the Illustrator for the book cover had assembled different shapes to make the character. So we explored the shapes we could find in our classroom then used these to help us to make our own characters! Meet a few of them below.